Terms & Conditions


Fixed Deposite Scheme

1.  Happy life of the fund in fixed deposit interest shown in the table according to the customer will be refunded on completion time.

2.   Customer funds in Term Deposits for 1 to 5 years can invest their funds.

3.   Term Deposits fund SP1, SP-2 will not return in time pre. Time will be back later with interest.

4.   Term Deposits fund SP3, SP4, SP-5 in the customer has invested some reason, the money is needed by the customer, the customer can withdraw at any time after 18 months.

5.   If the customer wants to take a loan in fixed deposit schemes, customer deposits by 85% on the funds as loans to the will.

6.   Also created was the fund rules will be valid to the customer because the customer's overall business conditions, we reserve the right fund.

Daily Deposite Scheme

1.  If the contract between customer and the Nidhi runs for 18 months, the Nidhi will return payment with 5% bonus on deposits by the customer.

2.  And if the contract runs for 12 months, the Nidhi will return payment with 4.5% bonus on deposits by the customer.

3.  And if the customer's contract with the Nidhi runs only for 6 months then Nidhi will return deposit funds back with 1.20% bonus.

4.   After the completion of the Daily Deposit contract between the customer and the Nidhi with his/her associate. Then Nidhi will return your all payment with bonus after the completing of companies some internal process in 20-25 days.

5.   And if customer not able to run contract till a duration specified by the Nidhi then Nidhi will return your payment with the Nidhi bonus of 1.5% according to the Nidhi rules & regulations, But keep in mind that deposits must be for 20 days continue if not then Nidhi will not able to pay you.

6.   Customer/Associate have to deposit their collection within 7-15 days.

7.  There is only 10/- rupees of charge for daily deposit scheme registration.

Recurring Deposite Scheme

1.  Happy Life Fund Ltd. recurring deposit scheme from 1 to 5 years in customer monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, annual installments deposited by the interest shown in the graph by the fund being timed withdraw.

2.   Monthly installment 15 days from the time the customer deposits by individuals yearly / annual installment of the rebate will be 30 days, then the deposit will be credited by 0.75% late fee

3.   Recurring Deposit Scheme by the client RP-4, RP-5 over the 4th tranche of the plan submitted and shall further submit that the I want the money back to the customer will have to wait 4 months after the fund accumulated by all forms karke 10% deposit will be refunded the money remaining after deducting.

4.   Recurring Deposit Scheme to fund RP-1, RP-2, EP-3 are required to be submitted by the customer to schedule.

5.   Customer funds in the recurring deposit scheme RP-4, RP-5 over the 4th tranche of the plan will be able to deposit and further deposit to return the money in the middle, so the customer will have to wait 4 months after the fund deposited by all forms the remaining 10% will be refunded after deducting the accumulated wealth.

6.   If the client needs money prematurely in the 12 months after the customer's recurring deposit client funds to 55% of total deposits.The customer will be given as loans.

7.   Interest payable on the fund over its rules based on conditions set by the Fund will be required to deposit with interest 3 months ago.

8.   The contract between the fund and the client are on fixed-term Purtye interest shown in the graph by the fund in the same fund all forms branch / collection center after the deposit fund your deposit money.

9.   Trade conditions set by the fund rules, since the client will follow the customer fully fund all rights reserved.

Monthly Income Scheme

1.  MIS has invested in the fund if the customer details shown in the graph by the fund as monthly, quarterly, half-yearly installments of interest in accordance with the annual expenditure to be taken.

2.   If for any reason the customer requires money at any time after 6 months so he could invest the money back, but it takes care of customer funds invested 5% on the remaining amount will be refunded after deducting.

3.   Terms and conditions apply to the Fund.

Saving Deposits

Features of MABEN Saving Account

1.  Minimum amount of deposites for open a Saving Deposite account is Rs.300/-.

2.   Tne Money can be withdrawn by using withdrawal slip in the concerned branches.

3.   Saving account is of continuing nature. There is no maximum period.

4.   A minimum amount Rs.300/- has to be kept on saving account.

5.   No loan facility is provided against saving account.

6.   Enable the depositer to earn high rate of interest @ 6.00% p.a based on daily minimum balance.