About Us


SUKHI JIVAN NIDHI LIMITED is a carrying on the business of a non banking company .(e.g. P.O. working). Nidhi Bank is incorporated under Indian [R.B.I BANKINGACT 1949 & UNDER SECTION (1) OF SECTION 620-AOF THE COMPANIESACT. 1956 (2013)] .NIDHI BANK is doing the business of lending and borrowing with it's registered member's and share holder's. The primery objective of Nidhi institution is to cultivate the habit of Saving among our member's. Our first and formost aim is to satisfy our members .


1-To collect money from Registered members towards equity share capital such other capital as may be permitted under the R.B.I. Act 1949 and Under section (1) of Section 620-Aof the company act 1956

3-The Deposit of share holders or Registered members shall be the following kinds-(a) Saving DepositAccount (b) Recurring DepositAccount (c) Fixed Deposit account (d) Daily DepositAccount etc.

4-To lend grant loan Business to the share holder or registered members only as against securities of immovable properties ,and or on the security of deposite,movable such as Gold, Silver Jewellery. Kishan Vikash Patra, National Saving Certificate Scheme (Nationalized Bank F.D). The Banking as defined in banking Regulation Act 1949..

5- Subject to the provision of theAct ,To provide Locker facility to its members and charge rent for the same.

6- To borrow money from banks institution and other agencies for the object of the Nidhi.

Vision :


It is important to save in order to protect yourself from any unexpected costs that may come along. Saving is also far cheaper than credit as you receive interest for your money rather than pay it against borrowings. There are a number of ways that you can save. To create a retail distribution network for Real Estate, FMCG and Financial Products all across India.Generating employment in semi-urban and rural areas. Establishment of a self -sustainable and economically empowered rural, tribal & sub-urban society.



Mission :


Our Mission the choice of savings money depends on what is most suitable for you. Sometimes may restrict you from getting you money for between 30 – 90 days however the interest you receive will be higher than savings money that offer instant access. These saving can be useful as they remove the temptation to withdraw the money, however stiff penalties can be incurred if the money is needed quickly. Instant savings accounts will generally offer very low interest rates but will be very flexible in the way you can access your money.